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Leadership Advisory

Leadership quality is critical for organisational effectiveness and the attainment of organisational mission. We will work with the leadership team to ascertain the needs and appropriate interventions in order to bring leadership effectiveness to the desired levels.

Governance Advisory

The attainment of mission and vision would be influenced by the quality of governance practised. Both, corporate and business governance must be aligned with the realities of the organisations and operated by people who have the required competence with high conscience. We would share our insights on governance enhancement and would chart the roadmap forward together with the leaders and management of organisations.

Strategic Advisory

In an ever changing and competitive environment, strategic clarity and effective implementation would determine the level of value creation and sustainability of organisations. Realistic goals which correspond to organisational capabilities would be key in strategy implementation and the achievement of mission and vision. We would work with our clients to scan the environment, chart strategic paths and oversee implementation of agreed action plans.

Board Effectiveness Assessment

The recently launched 2017 Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance requires boards to undertake a formal and objective annual evaluation to determine the effectiveness of (i) the Board, (ii) its committees and (iii) each individual director.

At Inovastra, we help Boards progress from governance compliance to performance. We evaluate how effective board members are in working together towards fulfilling their core responsibilities in strategy design and execution, investment decisions, performance monitoring, risk oversight, succession planning and capital allocation. Key elements of our review include:

  • Board Structure, Composition and Capabilities
  • Boardroom Dynamics, Quality of Information Architecture,
  • Interactions and communication with CEO and senior executives
  • Succession planning with respect to Board and C-suite members
  • Board’s activity and role in Strategy & Operations
  • Oversight of robustness of financial reporting and disclosure
  • Oversight of risk management and control functions
  • Oversight of other governance related functions, e.g. Compliance, Ethics, Integrity, Whistleblowing mechanisms, etc.

We are able to deliver high quality board evaluations with a strong team where each member has more than 20 years of experience in core areas such as succession planning, strategy and risk management.